Yomotsuhirasaka Kimi to Koe – I Will Cross Yomotsu Hirasaka With You

yomotsuwebTitle: Yomotsuhirasaka Kimi to Koe – I Will Cross Yomotsu Hirasaka With You
Series: Durarara!!
Circle: pataratonge_car
Rating: R15
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Scans: ebil_trio

Download: ge.tt | mediafire

This is Book 3 of 4 of the Big Talk series. I have been granted permission to link to downloads for the other parts as well.

Book 1, A, Taigensougo De Sora Ga Ochi – Translated by jiayan download here
Book 1, B, Taigensougo  De Sora Ga Ochi, Ke – Translated by you_ni download here

Book 2 can be downloaded here.

Book 4, Rakurakurairai Hi Ga Noboru – The Sun Continues to Rise – translated by gloomy gloo scanlations download here

There is a side story, Good-bye Blue Bird, told from Izaya’s point of view which will be next.

17 thoughts to “Yomotsuhirasaka Kimi to Koe – I Will Cross Yomotsu Hirasaka With You”

  1. *doing the happy dance*
    Thank You soo very very much for this, yayayay!
    Now I’m excited there’s another, woot!


  2. Woooop!! Thank you! This is my fave durarara! doujin, I cant wait to see goodbye blue bird be translated. Thank you!

  3. Thank you very much for your hard work and for providing the links to the other parts as well.

  4. hey! it may be because im on mobile but I cant open the archive.. it keeps asking me for a password. and i was so immersed too haha 🙁
    sorry if im missing something here, I’d be grateful if someone could help me! thanks 🙂

    1. Hello, I tested the links and didn’t have any problems. Have you tried off mobile? If it still doesn’t work for you, send me a message via the contact page and I’ll get back to you with the files.

  5. Thank you so much, means so much <3 I'm so grateful for all the work you have done <333

  6. Hi, it looks like the links to books 1 and 2 are dead. Is there any way to get them re-uploaded at all? It looks like the site directory no longer exists?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello – book 1 part A & B were translated by a different group and the links were provided by the original scan provider, ebil_trio. Since the links are no longer working, you’ll need to contact ebil_trio on livejournal. Sorry!

      I tested the ge.tt and mediafire links for book 2 and they’re working for me. Let me know if you need a different link.

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