Who We Are:

soltarination scanlations was originally started by Soltarination to bring together fans from around the world. Originally an anonymous contributor, Seio has now joined the group as a full-time scanner and cleaner. The two of us aim to bring quality scanlations, mostly of Durarara!!, but also other projects that catch our eye.

If you like an author’s work, we encourage you to buy the work itself.

If we are asked to remove a translation by the author or artist, we will do so immediately, because we believe it is important to respect the author’s wishes. We will also drop a project if it is licensed.


We are open to joint project requests. Please email us if you are interested.


  1.  Do you allow translations into other languages?
    Yes we do! Please check our retranslation page for more!
  2. What about uploading to reader sites?
    We only ask that you do not upload doujinshi to other sites and that if a project is licensed in English, to discontinue circulation.
  3. What is your release schedule?
    We try to get releases out as quickly as possible, but both of us have full time jobs and very little free time. Typically releases are within two weeks of their publishing dates, but you can keep track of our progress in our sidebar. Here’s an idea of when certain magazines are released, although dates do change depending on weekends and holidays:

    • G-Fantasy (Durarara!! Re;Dollars Hen): The 17th of each month
    • Sylph (Durarara!! Relay): Usually the 21st or 22nd of each month.
    • Dengeki Maoh (Minidura): The 27th of each month

    Tankobons are usually released around these dates as well, and will usually include extras that we try to scanlate.