New Year’s Release – Part 2

Our second release for the New Year holidays is a bit “mini,” if you know what we mean…

There will be five parts in total for this series, so please keep watching out for the other three in the next couple of days!


Title: Minidura
: Youko Umezu & Ryohgo Narita
Rating: PG-13

Ch. 06: jumpshare | mediafire
Ch. 07: jumpshare | mediafire
Ch. 08: jumpshare | mediafire
Ch. 09: jumpshare | mediafire
Ch. 10:  jumpshare | mediafire

Notes: We’re now into Volume 2 and will be making a push to catch up, so expect more batch releases in 2016!

7 thoughts to “New Year’s Release – Part 2”

  1. OMGGG!! And I was fooled by your PJ Status ;; v ;;
    Such a bitter-sweet feelinggg
    Anw, thank you so muchhh and wish you all the best in the new year!!! <3

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing all of this to us! Happy New Year!

  3. What a nice surprise that you still stranslate minidura!Thank you for this New Year’s present!
    And hereare my thoughts about ch.10- I’ve never heard about Russian tea! I don’t know if it was in orginal, but it’s more like ‘to have a tea in Russian style” or “Russian traditional tea-drinking”. Also,such thing as putting a jam into a black tea and licking it – well,I only know it’s done when a person is sick, and this kind of drink helps with a fever. And it must be a raspberry jam too. Some people do put a jam into their tea instead of a sugar. But generally a jam is served in a saucer and you eat it with a spoon and drink your tea. Also , Russian traditional jam is called ‘Varenye’-its preparation is different that from a ‘jam’- (no jelly structure)

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