guardlinewebTitle: Guardline
Series: Durarara!!
Circle: sinba/yinghua
Rating: R18
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Scans: dickscans

Download: | mediafire

Part 2 of the Line series (sequel to Stopline)

Please note that the 3rd book in this series, Parallel Line, is being scanlated by Lady Phantomhive Scanlations and therefore I will not be doing it.

15 thoughts to “Guardline”

    1. As far as I know, they haven’t released it yet. I believe they were still typesetting last I saw. If they release it, I’ll post an announcement on this page. I may also see if they’ll let me take over the project or something if they’re no longer releasing projects.

  1. Dropping by to say that I think Lph still haven’t released the third book, and I can’t find it anywhere ;_; .. Are you still willing to do it? It would be AWESOME (I’m dying to know how it ends.. ;_;)
    Anyway, Thank you so MUCH for your work! I would never be able to thank you enough!

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