Durarara!! Side Story

sidestorywebTitle: Durarara!! Side Story
: Satorigi Akiyo & Ryohgo Narita
Rating: PG-13

Download: mediafire | jumpshare

Notes: A side story done by Satorigi Akiyo that appeared alongside the new Re;Dollars Arc chapter in this month’s GFantasy.

8 thoughts to “Durarara!! Side Story”

  1. You don’t put
    [soltarination] in your downloads for the last two scanlations. Is there a reason, just curious

    1. No real reason, just have been trying to get them out and get back on schedule. Picking up a new project put us a little behind. The credit pages are still there, so it’s alright if the file names themselves don’t have [soltarination] in them.

    1. Hi Špunt! Durarara!! Re;Dollars, which this side story is a part of, was licensed in English by Yen Press so we had to take down all our links. Sorry!

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