Durarara!! Re; Dollars Arc ~ Ch. 12

Title: Durarara!! Re; Dollars
: Aogiri & Ryohgo Narita
Rating: PG-13

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Important Note: As we expected, and as we warned readers when we first started this project, Re;Dollars has now be licensed in English by Yen Press. Therefore, we would like to announce that this will be the final chapter we scanlate of the Re;Dollars series. Additionally, all downloads will be removed by Sunday, November 22. We kindly ask that you do not reupload the chapters and instead buy the official English translation. Thank you for your understanding. We will be continuing to scanlate Minidura and Relay.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work so far. ^^
    Now it will be taking a long time for the next chapters to read till they’re published. But I’m looking forward reading the other Drrr Mangas in the meantime =)

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