Black Hole.1


Title: Black Hole.1  (ENG)
Series: Durarara!!
Circle: DUDE
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya, Shizaya

Download: | mediafire

TRANSLATOR’S NOTES: This doujinshi ends on a cliffhanger. There is no sequel, despite the author’s note saying there will be one. Please do not message me about the sequel. If DUDE ever releases it, I will announce it on my tumblr as well as update this post.

This is a continuation of the New Game + series. It is recommended you read those first. You can find them in the Durarara!! doujinshi section.

6 thoughts to “Black Hole.1”

  1. I only recently found you guys and I’m very happy!
    I’m not aware of the New Game + Series but still found this enjoyable, except for the cliffy of course, lol. It would be great if there is a continuation but it’s almost kinda poetic without one, ne? Anyways, thank you very much for sharing your hard work ^_^


  2. let me die already…ugh thank you so much for your work, it’s been a time since I come here haha.

  3. Ughhh my comment had deleted XE
    Pleasseee heellppp this end soOooooooo confusing meeeh
    I need the next please send me the next in a link or anything
    I reaalllly love this website
    I can read all durarara duojinshi from here thank u very much
    I can read the online stuff only ;-;
    Soo for all this “I ” XD
    Thank yaa~~~~***

  4. I wonder if we’ll ever get a sequel this is cruel, hoW can Dude end it there?
    Thanks a lot for the hard work tho 🙂

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